December 28, 2008

A White Christmas

We had a very white Christmas this year. It made me very happy and the day more enjoyable! It was a challenge for my sis, her hubby, and kids to make it here from Challis that day, but after a 4 and a 1/2 hour drive (normally a 2 and 1/2) they made it and all was grand. Here are some pics from that day. We took a drive up Buckskin, in the mountains, since Jason loves to rally in the Audi's when it snows. I have to admit he is a pretty dang good driver. We almost got stuck when we got to a road where the plowing had ended, but my race car driver husband got us out. Thank goodness we got out as our phones had the lovely message on the screen, "no service."

Later on Christmas day I brought the camera to my Mom's, took 3 pictures, and then the battery pack died and we didn't have the other one with us. :-( So, there is only one of my youngest nephew Jacob (he is getting so big), and me, my sister Laila, and our Mom. I know, I look so big and pregnant in the pic (already, yikes!!).

I hope everyone else's Christmas was as jolly and fun as ours! Happy New Year!!

December 21, 2008

Almost Christmas!

Well, Christmas is almost here and as usual I don't have all my Christmas shopping done. I know, there is only 3 days left. Don't worry, I'll make it. I always do.

We got another ultrasound of our baby boy and he looks great! They measured everything this time and all looks good. The little guy weighs 1 lb. 6 oz. right now. I can't believe in 16 weeks he'll be up to 6, 7, or 8 lbs! Or, whatever size baby I'll have. :-) I love these ultrasound pics of his profile, and he yawned during the ultrasound and she caught it in one of the pictures. I think the yawn pic is so cool!

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all lots of joy, peace, and laughter. Here's to a happy and healthy 2009!

December 7, 2008


I am 22 weeks today! So fun and exciting to be past the half way mark. But, then again 18 weeks left sounds like a looooooooong time. I'm feeling the little guy kick quite a bit more now so that pleases me immensely. :-)

I recently found out 2009 must be the year of the BOYS! I have six friends that are all having babies in 2009, and five, or six including me, are having boys, and one is having a girl. It's fun to know if we stick around Pocatello the little boy will have plenty of mates to play with!

That's about all I've got for now! Oh yeah, picking a name for a boy has been quite a challenge so far. Good thing we have plenty of time left to (hopefully) agree on one.

November 18, 2008

19 week blues

I am just over 19 weeks now. We had the ultrasound yesterday and it was BLUE! So, now I've got the blues! Ha, ha, not really!! We are having a little boy! The ultrasound was one of the coolest things I've ever seen, I LOVE LOVE LOVE technology! The little boy faced us and looked like he was talking or chewing. So dang cool. I love it. We are ecstatic to say the very least. Now we can work on names and the little guys room!

October 27, 2008


I am 16 weeks pregnant now. Due April 12. It's all very exciting. Went to the doc today and heard the heart beat for the second time. I must say, it gets cooler every time. It won't be long now, 3 more weeks, until we find out if its pink or blue. Can't wait!!!! :-)

September 23, 2008

Cubs vs. Astros 8/4/08, Oh what a night...

So I realize I'm not a great blogger. I hardly ever find time to update the dang thing, even though I love looking at others blogs. And, although its been over a month since we visited Chicago, I must post pics and an explanation of our Wrigley Field experience on a fine Monday.

It was a night game to be started around 6:00 against Houston. Jason and I had been to Wrigley Field before and of course always have a FABULOUS time. Who couldn't watching the beloved Cubbies play ball? It was our friends Brandon and Stephanie's first game. Brandon is a HUGE HUGE HUGE Cubs fan and was more than excited. We arrived at Wrigley early to enjoy the Wrigley excitement that is always happening blocks around the park, bought some shirts, souvenirs, drinks, food, etc.

The game started and all was fabulous...the weather, the excitement, the crowd, the team, the company we were in. Fun, fun times. We sat through 5 innings and the Astros had a 2-0 lead on the Cubbies. So sad. We were ready for the Cubs to step it up. However, out of nowhere lightening and thunder hit and the rain started to pour like cats and dogs. Luckily, we are not high rollers and were at the very top of the stadium...we lucky poor folks were covered while all the box seaters and bleacher lovers were getting pounded with rain. We waited around, waited, waited, and watched them cover the infield in record time with the lovely Cubs tarp. We waited some more, waited, but everyone seemed to be sticking around. Someone came on the PA at some point and said something we could not understand or hear clearly. So, we waited and watched the incredible lightening storm that was going on all around us. It was CRaZY!! Finally, after what seemed like forever (maybe 30-45 minutes) these horrendous sirens went off, but not a lot of people were moving. We were like, should we stay, or should we go? Even though we didn't want to go. So, we stuck around until they went off again and someone came screaming around telling us to get downstairs now! Tornado warnings. WHAT??!!!

At this point Jason and Brandon were loving it! Jason loves crazy storms, crazy weather, adrenaline, "Feeling ALIVE!" to quote him, etc. etc. Well, when we finally started moving down the ramp it was raining sideways and the wind was blowing I don't even know how many mph, and we were all soaked from head to toe within maybe 3 seconds. CRAZY!! But, pretty wild and fun.

We finally made it downstairs to the "safe zone" and waited and waited more. Turns out maybe 2 hours. Well, they didn't cancel the game, they just "delayed" it. But, after hours of soaking in our wet clothes and finding out the women's bathrooms were flooded we decided to head home.

Jason, Brandon, and my little bro Tom headed back to Wrigley later that night as they resumed the game. Upon returning they lucked out and could pretty much sit anywhere so they sat right behind home plate for a few more innings and then the game got DELAYED yet again. This time they went home for the night and the game was eventually canceled and the poor Cubbies lost.

It was very fun and quite the experience. We look forward to future games with no tornado warnings. To read more on that night click here. :-)

August 21, 2008

Under the Sea

During our Chicago visit we stopped at the Shedd Aquarium. I highly recommend it. So many cool things to see!!!

August 12, 2008

Chicago, Sailing, hanging with family

We recently visited my family in Chicago and had an amazing time. I am so lucky to have such a wonderful family. Brandon and Steph from p-town came to Chicago for the first half of the visit to fulfill Brandon's life long dream of seeing his Cubs play at Wrigley Field. While we there I also got to hang out with my cuz Scott from St. Louis. We hadn't hung out a lot since we were kids so it was wonderful to get to know each other again. What a blasty blast we had swimming and sailing on Lake Michigan.

July 10, 2008

Run baby run...

I recently ran a 10k with some co-workers and it was so very much fun! We ran the Scenic River Classic in Idaho Falls to benefit the Development Workshop. It was a very hot day (around 95 when we started) but it was for a good cause. I also want to give props to Laura and Angie as this was their first race and they did GREAT! I hadn't done much training since I ran the half in Poky last September, but I surprised myself and luckily got a decent time for only running a hand full of times before the race. Good times, great fun! 10k's are much more fun than halves. :-)

June 22, 2008

Second annual JH trip

For my birthday...Jason booked a trip to our favorite spot in the West - Jackson Hole, WY. We went there at the end of May last year and had a BLAST. So, we went to JH for our second annual mountain biking, hiking, playing around with our dog about 3 weeks ago.

The trip was a little different this year with the endless winter we've been having. We didn't know if we should pack up the bikes or our skis. We opted to take our bikes and give it a shot. Although there was a ton of snow in the mountains still, and we couldn't bike Mosquito Creek in Wilson again, the trip was fabulous once again. The temp was around 65 during the day and it was nice and sunny. We had to bike up and down snow king, which is hard to get up since it's extremely steep, and a little too much for me on the dh. However, Jason loves riding fast on the dh, and I just took my time and enjoyed the scenery and our new found bike trail. We loved it!

We also took sweet Maggie Mae since Snow King allows pets. After our bike ride she enjoyed a nice hike also up snow king. Although I think she likes riding in the Camry more than the Audi as she can see more out the windows, but she did goodin the car once again.

We were also fortunate enough to cruise around town, enjoy the scenery, snap some great photos, and eat some yummy food at a bistro we'd never been to, trio. Sunday, we took the long route and went home through West Yellowstone. We didn't see any bears this year (darn the luck), but it was amazing to drive through the park and see all the wildlife that is always there. Plus, there was an amazing amount of snow that we don't often get to see in June!

This years trip was the best and I think we'll have to opt for a 3rd annual JH trip next May as well.

View from our room

View from our room

Cool outdoor cafe/bar on beach in CR

Cool outdoor cafe/bar on beach in CR

Langosta Beach, CR

Langosta Beach, CR

Zip Lining...mucho fun!

Zip Lining...mucho fun!

The Parque Nacional Santa Rosa

The Parque Nacional Santa Rosa

Preserve of Monteverde & Santa Elena Reserve

Preserve of Monteverde  & Santa Elena Reserve

Iguanas and lizards everywhere

Iguanas and lizards everywhere

Howler monkeys

Howler monkeys

Off road 4X4 tour, only used machete for pics

Off road 4X4 tour, only used machete for pics

Playa Grande, Leatherback Turtle nesting

Playa Grande, Leatherback Turtle nesting