December 31, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was grand. Carter didn't really get the opening Christmas presents, but he thoroughly enjoyed them. I baked some delicious banana bread and had the parents over to watch the C-Man open his gifts.

The best part of Christmas Day was taking Carter and the doggies up to our local ski hill, Pebble Creek, to play around and get some fresh air. Although we forgot the sled, Carter, the dogs, and Jason and I had a fun time sledding and sliding around. What a gorgeous sunny day it was!

 Love these boys. Look at our magnificent ski hill in the background.
 Sledding on his bum on Aspen (bunny hill). Mom up top pushing her son down the hill. He was yelling, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! It was so cute

 Carter and Buck
 His snow bibs are so cute. I love them. And him.

December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the Montgomery's with me, Jason, Carter, Jason's parents, Jason's brother and wife, cousin Flo, and my Mom and Scott. It was great fun and way too much delicious food.

Grandma Lanna and Carter
 Papa and Carter
 My Mom, me, Carter, Scott
 The whole gang

 The BIG new tent Carter got from Grandma and Grandpa M.

 In the tent

December 23, 2010

naughty and nice

This one. Oh, he is such a handful sometimes. But, man is he at a fun age too! 

He did not want a camera near him this day. I was thinking of doing a naughty and nice card. You can see why. But I didn't. He is so CUTE, even when he's crying and pouting. Thanks Mel, for your patience and fruit snacks.

 My favorite.

December 20, 2010

Something old, something old, something borrowed, something pink??

My fabulous group of friends have a girls only Christmas party every year. This is the 14th year its been held and Shelby and I believe its the 12th year we've attended. My friends are the best. They are LOUD, silly, sassy, obnoxious, truthful, fun, full of energy, and my favorite of all H-I-Larious! This year included a theme...old dresses! Old prom dresses, old bridesmaid dresses, and oh yes, even old wedding dresses. Oh my my my my my was it ever hilarious. I opted for an old bridesmaid dress because I donated all my high school prom/dance dresses to the Goodwill a few years back. I thought the bridesmaid dress I chose was Awesome with a capital A because it was from my best friends wedding (from 2002 I believe), and it had like three or four stains on the front of it from who knows what...probably food or wine. :-) However, Jamie won best dressed because she took her old wedding dress from 17 years ago and died it pink. It was classic. And classy. What a fun night. Thankful for the best group of friends a girl could ask for.

The lovely host
From left to right: High school banquet dress, prom dress, high school dance dress, prom dress and high school hair, wedding dress (dyed pink), high school dance dress, wedding dress

And the dancing begins

We couldn't resist the classic prom photo pose

No party is complete without games. Egg cracking on your head anyone? They won "bravery" prizes!
Best friends for life!
Thanks again for such a fun evening, ladies. As always, it was such a pleasure.

December 16, 2010

Tree and cookies

Carter loves the bulbs, "balls" on the tree. We tried to have him help decorate our Christmas cookies, but he only licked the frosting and ate them. Jake helped me cut the shapes of the cookies. He is a great helper.

Carter's Favorite ornament this year (besides the bulbs)
 From 2008, so cute
 Carter's first Christmas last year
 I made this ornament last year

 The angel on top of the tree

November 28, 2010


He likes the snow. A lot. He'll kindly wear his snow hat now. He'll even put it back on if you take it off. Now if I could just get him to wear his mittens life would be better.

November 21, 2010


There have been a few family deaths lately that make my heart heavy with sadness. I am so sad and sorry that we've lost these loved ones. Their family and friends have my deepest sympathy.

Jason's Aunt Dortha (with Carter in 2009)

My Dad's cousin-in-law Patti

My Dad's cousin Ted

November 13, 2010

Action Jackson

October 25, 2010

That's what we used to call my little brother when he was an infant/toddler because he was a VERY active and busy little boy and always ran everywhere. I remember changing your diapers, playing with you, babysitting you one summer, you even liked me so much you invited me to visit your school one day... Now you are a grown up, in your 3rd year of college. Very proud of you little brother. Happy 21st Jackson! Drink responsibly. :-)

View from our room

View from our room

Cool outdoor cafe/bar on beach in CR

Cool outdoor cafe/bar on beach in CR

Langosta Beach, CR

Langosta Beach, CR

Zip Lining...mucho fun!

Zip Lining...mucho fun!

The Parque Nacional Santa Rosa

The Parque Nacional Santa Rosa

Preserve of Monteverde & Santa Elena Reserve

Preserve of Monteverde  & Santa Elena Reserve

Iguanas and lizards everywhere

Iguanas and lizards everywhere

Howler monkeys

Howler monkeys

Off road 4X4 tour, only used machete for pics

Off road 4X4 tour, only used machete for pics

Playa Grande, Leatherback Turtle nesting

Playa Grande, Leatherback Turtle nesting